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Key Production Floor Feature
* Fully air conditioned production floor equipped with the most modern
manufacturing facilities.
* Specialized machinery in order to maintain high standards of quality
and efficiency.
* Experience and skilled workers from Malaysia & Indonesia.
* Complete production process under one roof.

Our Screen Printing On Garment Is Guaranteed
Some items need the added detail and color that even the highest stitch count
embroidery just can’t provide. Our in house screen - printing process accurately
replicates any logo with sharp detail and brilliant colors for a picture - perfect
reproduction evryone in your organization will be proud to display.
We have the advanced screen printing facilities. We specialize in 3 or more colors
with high end graphics.Our screen printing is guaranteed.
It does not fade or peel out.

Embroidery On The Garments
We have the capability of producing briliant embroidered designs in a full range
of sizes. Our logo designs contractor can embroider garments with your desired
text and graphics at the highest standard of quality in competitive prices.
We know the importance of the strong corporate image and company logo in
designing your designing your branding strategy.